Fannix Technologies Limited is a conceived inspiration, a prosperous Information, Communication and Engineering Technology Company. We are the collection of techniques, skills, methods, personnel and processes used in the production of services or in the accomplishment of objectives, which are usually technological. We provide complete technological solutions to organizations and consumers using state-of-the-art technologies.

Our Services

Faed employs and provides Professional Technological Solutions and Services In The Following Areas:

Information Technologies

We employs strategic solutions which mostly involves the deployment of both Software and Hardware Information Technology Systems.

Communication Technologies

We design and implement communication equipment/facilities to clients using various media in such a way to ease controlled dissemination of information generated.

Information Systems

We develop and manage computerized database (Geographical, Information, Enterprise) which are GIS Maps, Assets, Information, ERP Systems, which are organized and programmed in such a way that it produces reway that it produces regular reports in a company.

Engineering Technologies

We source for engineering solutions to most of its problems by acquiring technologies that are usually products of the use the principles and theories of science in engineering.

Procurement & Supply Chain

We carry out general service/equipment procurement and supplying services to help organizations worldwide increase their efficiency and output.

Consultancy Services

We are into economic development consultancy, enumeration, resource inventory management service, business process analysis/consultancy.



Our consultancy covers very wide area of expertise and experience. From Information technology, we know a lot, to Communication Technology, Engineering Technology. We can handle management consultancy services, training, Human Resource Trainings, Motivating more efficiency amongst company staff. Fannix Technologies, uses all available technological tool to achieve great aims. We turn customer assets to Management, Geographical and Enterprise Information System in a simple click.

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Outsourcing has been described as the key to business survival in the twenty first Century. Organizations view it as a way of achieving strategic goals, improving efficiencies and customer satisfaction. Our aim can always be equaled to reducing our clients’ overhead costs, achieving improved productivity, designing efficient business process, and rationalizing their supply chain.

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Our Recent Projects

We have contributed a high profile of jobs in these areas and are still determined in moving forward in the innovative aspects of what we do, this is why we create and still inspire what has already been created. As an up-and-coming group of talented folks we offer you high quality services, with a range of affordable solutions to any Small Business, Government Agencies, Corporate Bodies, NGOs, Schools, Religious Organizations, Portfolio, and even Individuals.

ICT Services – Double Design Paints

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ICT Services To Elemx Global Services Limited

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ICT Services To Cledop West Africa Limited

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ICT Services To Jeftex Marine Services Ltd

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Electrical Route Sequence Training

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Web Portal Development – Oyis

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Multi-Lingual Website Development – ANCC-GAN

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Android Application Development

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Intelligence Property On Customer Indexing/Enumeration

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PHED Yenagoa Enumerators Training

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Core Values

Fannix is maintained by mani guiding policies, amongst which are strong norm that uphold its strength, integrity and continuity. These Includes The Following:

  • Frankness - Being Plain, Not Shrewd.
  • Ethics - Living By The Principles Of What We Do.
  • Innovation - Creating & Inspiring Creations
  • Perseverance - Working To Continue Working

Our Clients

We have clients from many fields of the society including the Oil and Gas Industry and other the private sector. This has necessitated the need for Fannix Technologies Limited to keep abreast with current Operating Safety Standards (OSS) with the standard obtainable in the Oil and Gas Industries in other to be able to compete in the industry. We have rendered services to the following companies:.

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