We are into economic development consultancy, enumeration, resource inventory management service, business process analysis/consultancy.

Enumeration/Customer Indexing Survey Company

We carry our enumeration/survey of customers, individuals, phenomenon for private, public clients. This can be done through the traditional supply of survey questionnaires, online, or most conventional done through the use of mobile devices.
Our enumeration team also can index customers, individuals to assets like electrical supply route, work route, etc, which can be deployed on Satellite Images to view the geographical or spatial information of the enumerated/surveyed persons. This is done for the purpose of study, reference and inferences.
By this, we could count a population using GIS technologies, indexing them with GPS coordinates to the GIS platforms using devices like Differential GPS tools, Tremble Juno, Android Devices, etc.

Project Management

Fannix Technologies Limited carries out holistic project management functions. We carefully project/plan, organize, motivate, and control resources to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria in every project we are given to manage.
We can carry out:
 Project conception and initiation,
 Project definition/Study and planning,
 Project launch and execution,
 Project performance, Monitoring and control,
 Project closure.

Marketing/Blast Awareness

Our clients have all to gain in the marketing techniques we provide. We ensure a newer driving force in the marketing of their products/services which will of course be properly done to handle their marketing from a newer perspective and conduct a much better customer evaluation and other miscellaneous information collation; these customer evaluations will be done using state-of-the arts equipment.
We advertise on various platforms and market products both offline and online medium. We can blast awareness campaigns in minutes to across thousands and millions of reach. We advertise offline using, Radio, and Television, while our online platforms cuts across email, SMS, social media, search engines, web banners, etc.

Training & Empowerment

Fannix conducts practical Technology Training in order to empower and transfer knowledge into others. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we train at affordable rates and work towards mentorship and empowerment of an Entrepreneurial Technology Professional with preparations to Certifications, and Testing Centres.

Our Clients

We have clients from many fields of the society including the Oil and Gas Industry and other the private sector. This has necessitated the need for Fannix Technologies Limited to keep abreast with current Operating Safety Standards (OSS) with the standard obtainable in the Oil and Gas Industries in other to be able to compete in the industry. We have rendered services to the following companies:.

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