Health & Safety Policy

We are committed to providing the best possible experience/relationships to our clients, employees, shareholders, and contractors.

Fannix Technologies Limited will:

  • Will promote and encourage good health to its employees.
  • Will observe and identify health hazards at work site and to communicate details of hazards/dangers to personnel as at when appropriate.
  • Sets targets for improvement and measures appraise and reports performance.
  • Will conduct medical examinations as required by statue and ensure confidentiality of such examination as mentioned.
  • Will conduct special investigations and examination where there is evidence of occupational ill health.


We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate technologists with the relevant experience to match.

Business Concepts

We intend to create a continually/ageless solution provider, our vision in Fannix Technologies Limited spans across the lifespan of the founders and Fannix is not a one-man business company, but a separate entity. We have created a system that will outlast its owners.

Going Concern & Prudence

Our business entity is in good condition and will continue to be in business in the foreseeable future; revenue and profits are included in the balance sheet when they are realized.

Matching & Materiality

Transactions affecting both revenues and expenses should be recognized in the same accounting period; minor events may be ignored, but the major ones should be fully disclosed.


Separate Entity

The business a separate business entity from its owners and as such free from any external encumbrances which may arise from these positions. 

Objectivity & Realization

Financial statements should be based only on verifiable evidence, including an audit trail; any change in the market value of an asset or liability is not recognized as a profit or loss until the asset is sold or the liability is paid off.

Transparency of Operations

Financial statements and their notes contain all relevant data; profit are realized only after the capital of the firm has been restored to its original level, or maintained at a predetermined level.

Social Corporate Responsibility

We make effort to improve the society that accomodate our operations. Our efforts range from donating money to nonprofits to implementing environmentally-friendly policies in the workplace to contributing to events that develops the society in general.

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