Quality Assurance & Control

The primary objective when performing work is to ensure that quality receives the same attention as safety, timely completion and cost. 

Fannix Technologies Limited is adherent strictly on constant change, innovations and improvement in its business. The management of the company is totally committed to quality and so all personnel in all job functions perform their duties in accordance with the requirements of the Quality System and are committed to the company’s quality objective in everyday life.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate technologists with the relevant experience to match.

We, therefore, have put in place a methodology for performing our work-related activities that engenders the commitment of management and staff of the company to stable improvement quality of products and services delivered to the client, and to make sure product and service delivered to clients are of excellence in value.

We have a trade policy to procure and supply original equipment and to represent their manufacturers and after-sales services in such a way that continuous improvement in quality is seen as a way of life.

We strive to provide total quality services in all our operations and ensure that all company staff and subcontractors/third parties engaged by the company in its operations commit to ensuring high-level performance to meet the requirements of the company’s quality manual as well as that of our clients.

To achieve this Fannix Technologies Limited apply the follows:

  • Satisfying clients by meeting product and service demanded quality standards.
  • Ensuring thorough test and cross-checking of finished work before handing-off to client
  • Improving on performance and delivery schedule
  • Rising above preventable errors.
  • Eliminating barriers to creativity and innovation, so that the collective genius of all employees is formed towards realizing client’s requirements and provide unique products and services that are best in their classes in both function and reliability.
  • Creating an environment for total quality management by developing and empowering vision that is communicated to our client so that we can provide services that can fully meet the requirement of our clients quality is enhanced by working in a systematic manner to formalize procedures designed to eliminate the occurrence of deficiencies and promote uniformity of working practices throughout Fannix Technologies Limited, irrespective of contract requirements. All corporate procedures fundamental to the internal control of the company shall be implemented at all times.

Business Concepts

We intend to create a continually/ageless solution provider, our vision in Fannix Technologies Limited spans across the lifespan of the founders and Fannix is not a one-man business company, but a separate entity. We have created a system that will outlast its owners.

Going Concern & Prudence

Our business entity is in good condition and will continue to be in business in the foreseeable future; revenue and profits are included in the balance sheet when they are realized.

Matching & Materiality

Transactions affecting both revenues and expenses should be recognized in the same accounting period; minor events may be ignored, but the major ones should be fully disclosed.


Separate Entity

The business a separate business entity from its owners and as such free from any external encumbrances which may arise from these positions. 

Objectivity & Realization

Financial statements should be based only on verifiable evidence, including an audit trail; any change in the market value of an asset or liability is not recognized as a profit or loss until the asset is sold or the liability is paid off.

Transparency of Operations

Financial statements and their notes contain all relevant data; profit are realized only after the capital of the firm has been restored to its original level, or maintained at a predetermined level.

Social Corporate Responsibility

We make effort to improve the society that accomodate our operations. Our efforts range from donating money to nonprofits to implementing environmentally-friendly policies in the workplace to contributing to events that develops the society in general.

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