Fannix employs strategic solutions which mostly involves the deployment of both Software and Hardware Information Technology Systems.

Software Development/Programming

We develop software for areas of human endeavor so far we have engineered software in taxation, agriculture, E-Libraries, to mention a few. We develop as well as engineer software for clients.
We develop android applications, Windows, IOS and Blackberry for complete solution and use.

Web Designs/Web Application Development

To meet to your professional and elegant needs for website development, Fannix proffers rich and creative professional website that meets customers applauds designed and created by highly experienced professional graphic and web designers.

Hosting/Cloud Computing

We provide hosting cloud services, sensors and cloud hosting for servers and Virtual machines integrations. We Host Websites, Shared & Dedicated Servers, Unix, Windows/Linux Platforms with high level security coverage and internationally monitored by professionals.
We provide different packages that can sooth your budget plan while guaranteeing a dynamic web site that is moderate, competitive and reduces the cost of running your business and helps generates revenue.

Data Banking

We parade a high class of collected database, ranging from profiles, to fields, professions, and a class of re-tweeted personnel. We own DataBank.com.ng a leading provider of premium enterprise-class managed data center space for colocation services in the Nigerian markets. Our facilities are designed to provide clients with 100% uptime for all their critical business IT infrastructure, offering a customized technology solution designed specifically to help organizations manage their risk and improve their overall business performance.
We have in stock several administered database and collection such as,
Data Collection,
Data Reporting
Database Programming,
Database Administration and Configurations

We currently have in stock Nigerian Database Phone Numbers (Over 80 Million Nigerian Phone Numbers) and Email Addresses (Over 2 Million Nigerian Email Addresses) For Sale.

Management Information System (MIS)

We develop and manage computerized database of company assets/financial information, which are organized and programmed in such a way that it produces regular reports on operations for every level of management in a company. It can also be linked into a spatial global positioning system in case of asset locations in such a way that it will be possible to obtain special reports from the system easily.We handle Management Information System task, Management Referencing, Enterprise Resource Planning/Management.

Geographical Information System (GIS)

We have a group of GIS consultants, land surveyors, remote sensing specialist, etc.We design and develop GIS programs for every field of human endeavour. GIS is an invaluable tool for policy makers as it answers the question of what, where, when, and how because it integrates information into a common platform for proper analysis thereby enabling well informed decision making without the problem of assembling voluminous and cumbersome hardcopy data.
Information is stored as attribute of entities represented and GIS enables the user to:
-Analyze data geographically as well as
-Easy data updates
It allows the storage of all data and information ranging from agreement papers, certificates of occupancy, survey plan, the use to which the property is put, the number of people in each building and the type of facilities therein.


Digital Land database Urban Information System (U.I.S.)
Urban and rural cadastre Land Information Systems (L.I.S)
Thematic Mapping
Lather Imaging
We also create diverse set of mapping products including digital land database, topographical map series, land titling and property tax mapping.

GPS Tracking

We also carry out GPS tracking, Geo-Fencing, Geo-Referencing, Tracking, Supply Chain Productivity Software. Our GPS Tracking solution has been put together for our customers by combining the devices of professional trackers with the sophisticated Position Logic platform and the best mobile phone networks in Africa.
We provides a full-range of services for your tracking needs from device installation, to SIM-card management, to training and even 24/7 monitoring of your vehicles and equipment/asset and reporting.

Hydrographic Survey

As part of our Geographical Information System, in the offshore perspective, Fannix partners with experts and satellite management agencies in services relevant in areas of general marine businesses, oilfield operations and engineering constructions.
Geophysical & Geotechnical Survey, Digital Survey, Analog Survey, Oil/Gas Pipeline Route and Platform Site Surveys, Bathymetric Survey and ROV Survey.

Positioning Engineering

Rigs, Barges, Vessels, Dive Support, Dredging, Tug/Anchor Management System, Subsea Positioning. Positioning & Hydrographic Equipment Rental

Our Clients

We have clients from many fields of the society including the Oil and Gas Industry and other the private sector. This has necessitated the need for Fannix Technologies Limited to keep abreast with current Operating Safety Standards (OSS) with the standard obtainable in the Oil and Gas Industries in other to be able to compete in the industry. We have rendered services to the following companies:.

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