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Fannix Technologies Limited is a conceived inspiration, a prosperous Information, Communication and Engineering Technology Company. We are the collection of techniques, skills, methods, personnel and processes used in the production of services or in the accomplishment of objectives, which are usually technological. We provide complete technological solutions to organizations and consumers based on state-of-the-art technologies. Fannix Technologies is currently operating in Nigerian and Ghana; two of the fastest growing markets for ICT services in Africa.

The company formerly operated as Fannix Enterprises SolutionRV129105 (CAC) where she carried out several technological jobs. It has now been upgraded as a Limited Liability Company. The company carried out to client’s satisfaction, numerous task including web developments, networking, business process analysis, designs, consultancy, etc. Through our integrity and continuity policy we have successfully built a strong and trusted status as a leading enterprise technological solution firm by rendering these services in excellence and deploying timely expertise with interesting creations. Our team of professionals proved this, and still promises a better service delivery that will surpass client’s expectations.

Fannix Technologies Limited employs and provides Professional Technological Solutions and Services in Information, Communication, Engineering, Procurement, and Consultancy. Fannix connects your business to the technology resources it needs, making technology work for you. In Fannix, we develop and deploy very flexible and affordable TechnologySolutions for your business needs and proffer Consulting on same in order to provide a total end to end solution.

One thing was in our mind when we created Fannix, it was to reach the paramount of technological services, and create a sturdy technologies company.

When we established Fannix, one thing was on our mind, ‘to create and inspire the created’.

Fannix Technologies Limited is poised into the provision of high quality services to our clients taking into cognizance that client’s technical and quality standards as well as all safety and environmental protection requirements.

  • Frankness
  • Ethics
  • Innovation
  • Perseverance
  • Excellence
  • Team Work
  • Passion for our Client and Continuous Learning

Our Corporate Philosophy & Policies

We intend to create a continually/ageless technology company, our vision in Fannix Technologies Limited spans across the lifespan of the founders and Fannix is not a one-man business company, but a separate entity.

  • Going Concern: the business entity is in good condition and will continue to be in business in the foreseeable future;
  • Prudence: revenue and profits are included in the balance sheet when they are realized
  • Separate Entity: Fannix Technologies Limited is a separate business entity/person from its owners/directors/founders and as such free from any external influence which may arise from these positions. Hence, our accounting records will always reflect the true financial activities of the company.
  • Full Disclosure: financial statements and their notes should contain all relevant data;
  • Maintenance Of Capital: profit can be realized only after capital of the firm has been restored to its original level, or is maintained at a predetermined level;
  • Matching: transactions affecting both revenues and expenses should be recognized in the same accounting period;
  • Materiality: minor events may be ignored, but the major ones should be fully disclosed;
  • Money Measurement: the accounting process records only activities that can be expressed in monetary terms (with some exceptions);
  • Objectivity: financial statements should be based only on verifiable evidence, including an audit trail;
  • Realization: any change in the market value of an asset or liability is not recognized as a profit or loss until the asset is sold or the liability is paid off;
  • Unit of measurement: financial data should be recorded with a common unit of measure (Naira, Dollar, Pound Sterling, Yen, etc.).

Fannix Technologies Limited is committed to providing the best possible experience to its customers and the best possible relationships with employees, shareholders and suppliers. To ensure the consistent availability and delivery of its products and services, Fannix Technologies Limited has developed the following Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) policy in support of a comprehensive program for BC, DR and overall business survivability.

The Company, like any other firm, is exposed to potential risks that could disrupt or destroy critical business functions and/or the production and delivery of Company goods and services. Our strategy for continuing business in the event of an incident is to ensure the safety and security of all employees; and to continue critical business functions, production and delivery of products and services from predefined alternative sites.

Each department in the Company is responsible for preparing current and comprehensive business continuity plans (BCP) for its operations.  Certain departments, such as Information Technology (IT), are also responsible for disaster recovery plans (DRP) to ensure that any damage or disruptions to critical assets can be quickly minimized and that these assets can be restored to normal or near-normal operation as quickly as possible.

When a plan is completed, approved and implemented, each plan will include procedures and support agreements which ensure on-time availability and delivery of required products and services.  Each plan must be certified annually with the business continuity policy compliance process through the BC/DR Team.

Fannix Technologies Limited will:

  • Will promote and encourage good health to its employees.
  • Will observe and identify health hazards at work site and to communicate details of hazards/dangers to personnel as at when appropriate.
  • Sets targets for improvement and measures appraise and reports performance.
  • Will conduct medical examinations as required by statue and ensure confidentiality of such examination as mentioned.
  • Will conduct special investigations and examination where there is evidence of occupational ill health.

The primary objective when performing work is to ensure that quality receives the same attention as safety, timely completion and cost. Fannix Technologies Limited is adherent strictly on constant change, innovations and improvement in its business.

The management of the company is totally committed to quality and so all personnel in all job functions perform their duties in accordance with the requirements of the Quality System and are committed to the company’s quality objective in everyday life.

We therefore have put in place a methodology for performing our work related activities that engenders the commitment of management and staff of the company to stable improvement quality of products and services delivered to client, and to make sure product and service delivered to clients are of excellence in value.

We have a trade policy to procure and supply original equipment and to represent their manufacturers and after sales services in such a way that continuous improvement in quality is seen as a way of life.

We strive to provide total quality services in all our operations and ensure that all company staff and subcontractors/third parties engaged by the company in its operations commit to ensuring high level performance to meet the requirements of the company’s quality manual as well as that of our clients.

To achieve this Fannix Technologies Limited apply the follows:

  • Satisfying clients by meeting product and service demanded quality standards.
  • Ensuring thorough test and cross-checking of finished work before handing-off to client
  • Improving on performance and delivery schedule
  • Rising above preventable errors.
  • Eliminating barriers to creativity and innovation, so that the collective genius of all employees is formed towards realizing client’s requirements and provide unique products and services that are best in their classes in both function and reliability.
  • Creating an environment for total quality management by developing and empowering vision that is communicated to our client so that we can provide services that can fully meet the requirement of our clients quality is enhanced by working in a systematic manner to formalize procedures designed to eliminate the occurrence of deficiencies and promote uniformity of working practices throughout Fannix Technologies Limited, irrespective of contract requirements. All corporate procedures fundamental to the internal control of the company shall be implemented at all times.

Fannix Technologies Limited shall source and make use of local manpower and resources in the execution of projects in the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria, except where such services and facilities are not available, and where the required quality and quantity are not guaranteed.

We understands that Local Content implies development of local skills, use of local manpower and manufacturing, and transfer of technology, and shall henceforth fully comply with the federal Government of Nigeria directive on Nigerian Content.

In executing any project in the Oil and Gas industry in Nigeria, we shall fully comply with NCD and shall:


  • Domicile all Information Technology Engineering activities as well as location of the project management team (PMT), and project procurement centre (PPC) in-country and carry out all fabrication activities in-country.
  • Show commitment in meeting the Federal Government of Nigeria directives on Nigerian Content targets of 50% and 70% by year 2007 and 2010 respectively
  • Show commitment by deliberate addition and creation of value in-country.
  • Maintain, preserve, and cause its vendors, contractors, suppliers and sub-contractors to maintain and preserve accurate documentation and data including but not limited to permits, licenses, drawings, payroll, records, memoranda, etc. pertaining to any given project, for subsequent review, enquiry or audit by client.
  • The enforcement of this Local Content policy shall be the responsibility of the Managing Director, and Nigerian Content coordinator.

Fannix Technologies Limited assures its clients that it complies with, and shall continual improve its Local Content Policy as directed by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Fannix Technologies Limited as a business organization in Nigeria, has a unique form of corporate conscience which is integrated into her business model as a mechanism or self-regulatory of ensuring that the activities we carry out is both legitimate and in compliance with the found regulations and rending positive impact through our activities on the environment, clients/consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered as stakeholders.


Our activities as a corporate firm has its impact on the stakeholders and economy as a whole, in balancing the impact of these activities, we have outlined programs that is used as compensation to both host communities and stakeholders as a whole.

In supporting these communities and stakeholders, we actively engage in

  • Youth Empowerment/Development in mentoring, planning and Execution
  • Employment of Locals, Youths, Sub-Contractors
  • Local Supplies and Suppliers
  • Direct Compensation of Host Community

Based on our current capability, our Youth Empowerment Programs are run annually in partnership with local government council, SME Business Partner,  Entrepreneurial Development Centres, Welding and Fabrication and Catering Services who train the youths and empower these youths to an independent standard.

We believe that with our endeavour and prospect to engage in greater investment, foreign/international partnership and exposure, we can not only grow as a corporate firm, but it will enhance our ability to save the Nigerian Youths from violence, militancy and terrorism and engage them into meaningful activities that will not only enhance their lives but also improve their well-being and that of the economy as well.

Fannix Technologies is hence, enthusiastic and open to support or investment exposure that could help grow our company which will in many ways aid our mission.

Meet Our Team

Prosper Njoku C.
Kingsley Nwajiobi
Director - Engineering Technologies
Shadrach Duru
General Manager
Prof. Joel Chinwah
Toyin Brown
Smile Onwuhara
Manager - Information Technology
Dickson Edema
Manager - Communication Technology
Kelechi Obiefuna C.
Head - Project Management Office

Some Magical Numbers About Us

241 - Completed Projects
14 - Current Projects
842 - Satisfied Customers

Our Clients

We have clients from many fields of the society including the Oil and Gas Industry and other the private sector. This has necessitated the need for Fannix Technologies Limited to keep abreast with current Operating Safety Standards (OSS) with the standard obtainable in the Oil and Gas Industries in other to be able to compete in the industry. We have rendered services to the following companies:.

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